Zhang Zhen passed her Civil Service Exam by saving the life of the Assistant Supervisor of Examinations who was choking on some food. Unfortunately, she did so by contradicting the treatment advised by the Supervisor of Examinations who thought it was a simple cough. She was soon “mysteriously” assigned to the Bureau of Infernal Affairs.

Zhen is trained in traditional medicine with a particular focus on herbalism. She’s also an expert grappler and she isn’t shy about demonstrating it.

Shao Wei edited Chapters 853 – 877 of the Imperially Reviewed Encyclopedia of the Grand Tranquility Period (7th edition). His fellow editors petitioned for his “promotion” to the Bureau of Infernal Affairs after his heretical cataloging schema came to light.

Wei grew up in his father’s library. Most of his youth was spent on such varied hobbies as cataloging and collating. He intended to become a high court librarian to streamline the Imperial Archives, but it has not come to pass.